Helpless in Translation II


In the l

In the last post I was sharing how helpless it can feel when you move to a new country and you can’t speak the language of the country your living in, and a bit of what it feels like when you are relying on others to do your talking for you! You can read what I wrote before here.

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Helpless in Translation.

It’s a funny thing living in another country. When I say another country I specifically mean one that speaks another language, and one that uses (in my mind) doodles instead of good old fashioned Greco roman script!

Snowy Kansas City.

    Do you ever experience something a little unexpected?  In the weeks coming up to us leaving Northern Ireland and moving to Kansas City for three months training, every time I looked at the weather, it said it was warm, nearly Northern Irish summer temperatures (like 15C!). You can therefore image my shock on … Continue reading